Ah, the Beauty of Nature: NYC's Thirsty Pigeon

I appreciate the beauty of nature, I really do. That said, I’m still afraid of most of it. I must admit though, there’s something sweet about getting a very controlled dose of nature in an unexpected place. ~Shannon
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No Pants Subway Ride NYC

Pants On the Subway Are Overrated 

The best part about the 'No Pants Subway Ride' is, New Yorkers actually aren't too phased by this which personally makes me love it even more. Well done, Improv Everywhere!
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Holidays At Rockefeller Center In NYC: Why It’s More Than a Tree...

The Rockefeller Center Christmas is more than a symbol of the holidays to me. It has a deeper connection. ~Shannon
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Sprucing Up NYC: Rockefeller Center Lights Christmas Tree

Mayor Bill de Blasio flipped the switch Wednesday night to light the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree following a televised extravaganza that featured performances by Diana Ross and Tony Bennett.
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Don’t Believe the Hype, NYC is Kind

I commute into NYC every weekday and while not everyone on the train or subway is a “morning person” there is a code of conduct that takes place and there’s kindness in it.
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Shannon’s Commuting Chronicles: Stories from the NYC Subway That Smell Like the City

My daily commute is predictably unpredictable. I do the same thing everyday, and I do it at the exact same time. It’s what I see on the ride that makes me wonder if there’s a hidden camera somewhere. ~Shannon
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Top Workplaces NYC

NEW 102.7 Announces the 2018 Top Workplaces in NYC

NEW 102.7 has announced the Top Workplaces in New York City in its first workplaces survey. The honorees include a global construction firm, the world’s largest specialized staffing firm, a financial advisory company, a B2C group, and a retail services organization. To receive the designation as a...
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Drivers In NYC Honk At People More Than Anywhere In The Country

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey revealed that NYC topped a list that they're not sure we should be proud of: drivers in NYC honk at people more than in any other state.
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Fresh 102.7

#Single Ladies: Which Borough Do You Think Has The Best Guys?

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey and Nina Hajian talked about dating in NYC and which borough has the best guys.
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