Niall Horan

EXCLUSIVE: Niall Horan's Favorite 'Nice To Meet Ya' Challenge Videos

Last month, before we got to hear Niall Horan ’s “Nice To Meet Ya,” the singer challenged fans to craft their own version by sharing only the lyrics. “Do your best and see what you got,” he shrugged in a video posted to Twitter, asking fans to offer their own interpretation of his handwritten words...
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EXCLUSIVE: Niall Horan on the Meaning and Making of 'Nice To Meet Ya'

“I like to think of it as based on a true story,” smiles Niall Horan , glowing with excitement over his new song, “Nice To Meet Ya.” The tune is a confident tale of being in hot pursuit for elusive love, following the trail of infatuation. It also serves as the first proper introduction to a new...
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