Last month, Netflix had to roll out a warning to viewers of Bird Box, pleading for fans to not take the "Bird Box Challenge," and drive blindfolded. Unbelievable.

It's a new day - which means a new reason for us to shake our heads at the internet. Netflix has a documentary out on Ted...
We all know and love John Krasinski as "Jim Halpert," and we have to admit - it's a little hard for us to see him show so much love for Emily Blunt, rather than Pam Beesley. Yet - when you hear what Emily had to say about John, it makes it all better!
John Krasinski & Emily Blunt at the SAG Awards

The SAG Awards: Emily Blunt Makes Jim Halpert Cry

We're smack-dab in the middle of award season and all anyone can talk about are the moments that have been happening with some of the hottest celebrities around the world.
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Karen has never been one to hold anything back! This morning on Karen Carson in the Morning, Karen played a bit done by Jimmy Fallon where he pronounced a word differently than you normally would. This brought up the subject of what word turns your stomach when you hear the way it is pronounced.....
Annoyed Woman Holding Ears

Pronounce Words This Way - Get In Trouble!

Whether its "liberry," "rigutt," or "confirtable," check out the words that we HATE hearing pronounced the wrong way!
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Max Details the Life Lessons Writing ‘Lights Down Low’ Has Taught Him

MAX admits his wife was the inspiration for "Light's Down Low," and it's also the song that taught him a life lesson about honesty.
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