NEW 102.7's Mike Adam with Lukas Forchhammer of Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham Singer Lukas Forchhammer Doesn't Want To Be A Wedding Singer

Think fame changes you? Wait 'til you have a baby! I have neither, so I know nothing about that... but the lead singer of Lukas Graham, he however now has both. ~Mike Adam
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Rob Thomas with Karen Carson at WNEW in NYC

Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas Returns with New Album, Single “One Less Day (Dying Young)”

Matchbox Twenty frontman and solo artist Rob Thomas has officially announced the release of his highly anticipated fourth solo album Chip Tooth Smile which is set to arrive in stores and on streaming services on April 26th.
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Backstreet Boys at NEW 102.7

PHOTOS: Backstreet Boys In Studio with Karen Carson

Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and A.J. McLean in studio with Karen Carson at NEW 102.7 in NYC. (Photos: NEW 102.7/Entercom)
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Ellie Goulding Chose NYC To Decompress, Now She's Got New Music and a Diamond Ring

Pop music royalty Ellie Goulding is giving us an inside look at her comeback, dishing on everything from what she did during her break to when her new album is coming out. See Also: Ellie Goulding’s Ready to Release her Album Before Getting Married During a recent trip to New York City, Ellie...
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Bebe Rexha: From Songwriter To Superstar... and Now Expert Forehead Detective!

Will she ever release an all-Albanian EP or album? Who have her parents gotten starstruck over meeting? Who would she want to get as a feature on Expectations..?
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Jason Mraz Tells Us All We Need to 'Know' About His New Album

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz let Fresh 102.7 listeners "Have It All" during his Up Close and Personal interview with Xtine Richie. The Grammy Award-winning artist shared his latest career endeavors, possible collaborations, and thoughts on his new album - as well as his formula for a perfect live...
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Backstreet Boys Promise Die-Hards a Perfect "Mom's Night Out" During 25th Anniversary Tour

The Backstreet Boys are back and better than ever with their new single "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and promise their 25th-anniversary tour will be the perfect "Mom's Night Out" for old and new fans alike!
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Alessia Cara Takes a DIY Approach On Her Sophomore Album

Alessia Cara sings about some pretty heavy stuff for someone who's about to turn 22. But it's that maturity... that awareness... that makes Alessia such a spectacular artist at such a young age. Alessia spoke with Mike Adam about collaborating with her brother for the first time, what will happen...
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AJR Made a Conscious Decision To Feature NYC In Their Music Videos

The former buskers-turned shining stars have incorporated the Big Apple in three of their latest music videos -- which was a conscious decision they say, both out of convenience and love for their hometown.
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Charlie Puth Explains His Choice To Feature Boyz II Men, Kehlani, James Taylor on 'Voicenotes'

"The thing about features for me, and what I realized on this album that I wanted to do," Puth says, "is that I wanted the features to be all artists that I grew up listening to."
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