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Your Dream is Yours for a Reason: Never Give Up On Your Goals

January 9, 2019

So, I overheard two women talking as I crossed Varick Street leaving work today. One woman was saying to the other, “you HAVE to be confident” and the other woman said, “I know, I know but if I haven’t reached my goal by now...maybe it’s time to pick new goals.”

I wanted to insert myself into their conversation right then and there and tell her about a Facebook post I saw circulating after the New Year that was all about this. I didn’t but I should have. I let the moment pass because I was not sure how she would take a total stranger lifting her up. Which by they way, sounds crazy when I write it out loud. We should all be brave enough to lift a stranger up... Lord knows we’re not shy about cursing them out.  Feeling the missed opportunity, I at least promised myself I would blog about it in the off-chance she happens to come across this. 

To the woman I saw today who was more beautiful than she probably realizes:  

It’s YOUR dream for a reason, it’s intended for you or the deep desire wouldn’t live inside you. I don’t know you, but I’m rooting for you. Don’t give up. You are wired to want this particular thing for a reason.  Just. Keep. Going.

Here’s a list of people you may know who didn’t stop either: