(Shannon Holly)

Shannon's Home for the 'Holly Days' In Florham Park, NJ

December 4, 2018

When you're home you know it. That’s what Florham Park, NJ is to me. This Jersey girl spent the last 21 years moving around the country for radio gigs. I did seven years in Florida, seven years in Atlanta and seven years in Minneapolis and then it hit me...it was all very exciting and I’m grateful for all I’ve  learned along the way, but it was time to come home. Thanks to our neighbor Marino Pazzini, being home for the holidays is extra special. 

These Christmas lights are all done on the Pazzini family front lawn and nearly everything in this display is made by hand!  As if this spectacle was not enough, there were full on fireworks! 

When I asked Mr. Pazzini why he does all of this extra work he said, “it’s for the neighborhood...it’s for the kids”. I watched him watch others enjoy his hard work and his quiet, satisfied smile spoke volumes. It made me realize there’s more to believe in than just Santa...we get to believe in good people too. 

The display is free, but if you’re feeling the holiday spirit, there’s a lock box to collect for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital on his lawn. You can catch Marino Pazzini’s Christmas Illuminations until Little Christmas on January 6th from 5-11 pm (until midnight Christmas week) located at 28 Deerfield Drive, Florham Park, 08932 in North Jersey. 

It’s good to be home.