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Ariana Grande’s Major Tattoo Fail

January 30, 2019

I love Ariana Grande as a singer. I loved when she dated SNL Star Pete Davidson and I find her life super interesting...lets not forget she’s also drop dead gorgeous. So when someone is that perfect, it is slightly refreshing to witness them make a knucklehead move. That move was a huge tattoo fail and it’s hysterical. 

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The "7 Rings" singer wanted to commemorate the song with a tat written in Japanese kanji characters. However, it left out some important symbols, making it say something like “BBQ Grill” instead

Ari put it on the palm of her hand, probably because she is running out of room on her tiny body. It is simply not big enough to fit them all AND she’s getting tats so fast she’s forgetting to make sure they are correct before inking up. 

Getting inked is exciting. I personally have 3 tats, (my 3 daughter’s names on the inside of my wrist, a >>> symbol on my other wrist to remind me to always move onward and upward in my personal development, and the latitude and longitude of Rockefeller Center on my ankle. All of which were well thought out and fact checked. I love ya Ari, but averaging a tat a day was bound to be regrettable at some point! Although, I do see a Japanese BBQ endorsement in your future!