Ariana Grande

Mike Coppola / Staff

Ariana Grande Fixes Tattoo Fail, With New Tattoo Fail? Is This Real Life?

February 1, 2019

LOL this can't be happening!  I told you about Ariana's tattoo fail and we all shook our heads, but also thought, "well I guess that could happen to me"...that was until she tried to fix it, and now we're just face-palming.

Let's just put it out there that Ariana has a HUGE team around her and their soul purpose is to stop her from making mistakes. I mean, she is rumored to have a guy that carries her around when she's wearing heels so her feet don't hurt so can't one of her people be her official tattoo fact-checker?

She tried to fix it but actually made it worse!!  The original tat was supposed to pay homage to her new song "7 Rings" (which is awesome by the way) instead, she ended up with a tat that translated to "BBQ Grill".

Well, yesterday she added to the tat to try and correct it but somehow it now reads "BBQ Grill Finger". I can't. LOL!  If this is a PR stunt it's brilliant. If its not, it's quite the opposite.