Your 'Hot Girl Summer' Is About To FINALLY Have An Anthem

August 5, 2019

Camila Cabello has had enough with the negativity, not just when it comes to her body, but girls in general. She recently took to Instagram to let little girls AND grown women alike know that what the media feeds them on a daily basis about what is beautiful, is... well, a bunch of B.S.

Here's just a snippet of what Camila wrote - "The saddest part of young girls growing up in an airbrushed world is they’re seeking a perfection that’s not real. They’re constantly seeing photoshopped, edited pictures and thinking that’s reality. It isn’t. It’s fake. AND FAKE IS BECOMING THE NEW REAL. We have a completely unrealistic view of a woman’s body. Girls, cellulite is normal. fat is normal. It’s beautiful and natural."

Just one of the sweetest human beings in life... can't wait for you to see this #Fresh1027 #CamilaCabello interview!!!

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Ready for your 'Hot Girl Summer' to get even HOTTER?! Chances are you've been using the catchphrase, but maybe you don't know where it came from. That would be rapper Megan Thee Stallion (she's currently attempting to trademark the phrase), and she's about to drop a song TITLED... yup, you guess it, "Hot Girl Summer". And Shazam, accidentally spilled the beans on who's featured on it - Ty Dolla Sign (Hot BOY Summer?) and NICKI MINAJ!!! 

Nicki and Meg have shown love for each other in the past, and it looks like this collaboration will be the culmination of that mutual respect! Get ready to hear "Hot Girl Summer" on everyone's IG Story for the remainder of August!!! 

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