Which New York License Plate Is YOUR Favorite?!

August 20, 2019

New Yorkers can weigh in on new state license plates!!!

One features the Tappan Zee bridge, a few others feature the statue of liberty, and my favorite has the NYC skyline on one side and some upstate wilderness on the other side.

Polls close September 2nd, and you can vote on the NY.Gov website. The winner will become available in April of 2020. The Tappan Zee bridge one is pretty terrible, at least I think so... so as long as that one doesn't win, I'm okay with the outcome.

Switching gears, Taylor Swift may be getting closer to boyfriend Joe Alwyn... like, literally!

A source close to Taylor says she wants to spend approximately $30 million on a new London love nest for the two.

Now, this wouldn't be the first time she's bought a home to be closer to a boyfriend. In 2012 she purchased a mansion in Cape Cod next to the Kennedy compound while dating Conor Kennedy. Aaaaand they were only dating for 2 months. Kind of a red flag there, huh? But anyway, Taylor and Joe have been dating for like 3 years, so very different situation this go round.


In related news, Taylor Swift will be dropping her "Lover" album THIS FRIDAY!!! According to Variety, the upcoming album has ALREADY sold over 1 million copies in pre-sales around the world already!