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Shawn Mendes' New Music Got The 'Thumbs Up' From His Famous Friends

March 23, 2018

By Mike Adam

Shawn Mendes rolled through the Fresh 102.7 studios to talk about all the new music he's releasing -- and all the approval he's ben receiving from his famous friends! 

We talked about who gets to hear Shawn's music before the world does (his tightly knit circle includes John Mayer and more), why he initially started going to the gym, who's on his gym playlist, and whether or not he would give a 'throw away song' to another artist.

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Of course we played famous4heads... and I gotta say... Mr. Mendes is EASILY the best celeb to ever play the game! He put his BFF Camila Cabello to shame... and Shawn said it's because "she must not be spending enough time looking at people's foreheads while talking to them." 


So what do Shawn's peers think of his new music? Charlie Puth, Halsey, and Camila all gave "In My Blood" and "Lost In Japan" a thumbs up.

Charlie tweeting, "Yea this is the s***t buddy". And I have to say... I agree. Shawn set out for a more raw, rock-y sound with this new stuff.

Mission accomplished my friend.