Lukas Graham Singer Lukas Forchhammer Doesn't Want To Be A Wedding Singer

February 22, 2019

Think fame changes you? Wait 'til you have a baby! I have neither, so I know nothing about that... but the lead singer of Lukas Graham, he however now has both. And when I was watching past interviews with Lukas Forchhammer in preparation for MY interview with him, the change was evident. In the interviews he did AFTER the birth of his daughter, Lukas seemed more at peace, and comfortable in his own skin. Like he now had a balance in his life that he had been craving since hitting it big.

Lukas of #LukasGraham blending in with our wall, and repping #NEW1027 hard... thanks to the hot sauce that spilled on his white tee ---- DON’T TAKE THAT OFF AT THE OTHER STATIONS LUKAS!!!!

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I was excited to hear from Lukas how he thought fatherhood had changed not only him, but his relationship with his wife as well. I kicked off the interview my telling him how romantic I thought it was that "Love Someone" was a little love letter to his wife following the birth of his daughter. I feel like the go-to artist move would be an ode to the newborn, right? Cliche. I'm glad Lukas went in another direction.

We also touched on why he's not a fan of playing weddings, what the color associated with his NEXT album may be, what music his little baby girl is being exposed to, and more! Oh, plus weird foods. Lukas is a self-proclaimed foodie, and not to toot my OWN horn, but I've tried my fair share of exotic foods too, so we definitely found ourselves bonding over that.

As always, thank you for watching! Got an interview coming up with Dean Lewis soon too, so if there's something you would love for me to ask him, please hit me up at and I'll see what I can do!