Charlie Puth Dropped a New One... And We ALL Can Relate

August 21, 2019

Nike inked a two-year deal with City Hall giving company rights to use NYC logos on apparel... like police and fire department logos, or that iconic taxi "T". Of course, this is in exchange for a cut of the sales! New York is VERY protective about where their logos land, so this is definitely a monumental agreement. 

The city's gonna pull in at least $20,000 a year from the deal. And I'm sure that money will be used for something awesome, like fixing our subway system... or, more realistically, another Hudson Yards Vessel. 'Cause we all know how much we could use another one of those. --

Switching gears, Charlie Puth just dropped a new song... and it's amazing! The song is called “I Warned Myself”, and it's about repeatedly going back to someone when deep down you know that person isn't any good for you. Relatable, right? Charlie's never sounded better, and the production on this one is just a home run. According to Charlie, this is the first of 3 new songs he'll be releasing.

Recently, New Jersey's own Charlie Puth appeared on the 5SOS remix of "Easier", and also helped produce and write Katy Perry's latest single "Small Talk". 

S/O to this dude, #CharliePuth, for rollin' through to #965AMPradio!!!

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