Avril Lavigne's 5 Best Singles Of All Time -- OF ALL TIME!

November 5, 2018

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By Allen Foster

In 2002, a petite powerhouse vocalist named Avril Lavigne strutted onto the scene. Like the great female rockers who came before her, Lavigne was a fearsome, attitude-infused force to be reckoned with. She was empowering, her style was iconic, and her charged, youthful anthems were a reflection of the pop punk and skate cultures. But there was something intrinsically different about Avril. For every sneering photo where she gazed at the camera with those steely, smokey eyes while thrusting up a sign of the horns, there were a dozen others which showed the artist smiling.

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Sure, themes of emotional turmoil and lost love permeated her lyrics, but Avril wasn't angry at the world. She actually seemed happy. That ever-present hint of a smile was potent. It gave her music a deeper strength - one that always seemed to be rooted in hope. It might not have appeared in every song, but it was evident on every album. The world embraced that spark, giving Avril the opportunity to write an impressive collection of hits over the past two decades.

Following is a list of Avril Lavigne's all-time best singles.


This is the song from her debut album, “Let Go,” that introduced Avril Lavigne to the world. Besides being one of the most commercially successful singles of her entire career – it's right up there with "Girlfriend" – "Complicated" let us know, right from the start, why she is so different. Unlike Sum 41's blistering "Fat Lip," which begins "Strollin' to the party like my name is El Niño," Avril opens with "Chill out, whatcha yelling for?"


Sk8er Boi

"Sk8er Boi" is Avril Lavigne's all-important follow-up to "Complicated." This single made the list for two important reasons. First and foremost, the song and the video completely capture the energy of the skater lifestyle. The second reason is that Avril flipped the script. In contrast to "Complicated," where the guy was making things hard by not being real, in "Sk8er Boi," it's the girl who messes things up because she wasn't strong enough to stand up to her friends.



You might have to dig a little for this one, but "Tomorrow" can also be found on her debut album. This track reveals both a bold honesty in her writing – she's not afraid to let others see her pain – and her optimistic approach to life. Today, she might not think the relationship is going to last, but there's always tomorrow. The song also features a pivotal verse which puts the singer in charge of her own life: "It's always been up to you/It's turning around/It's up to me."


What The Hell

On December 31, 2010, Avril premiered "What The Hell" on “Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.” The track was written with Max Martin ("...Baby One More Time") and Shellback ("I Knew You Were Trouble") and Lavigne called it "a really fun, upbeat party song." This single doesn't possess the reflective depth that is customary to most of Avril's catalog; it is an unabashed "live in the moment" song that reclaims the kinetic energy of her earliest videos.


Keep Holding On

"Keep Holding On" can be found on 2007's “The Best Damn Thing.” It may have received mixed reviews from critics, but there's no denying the song's raw power. It embodies Avril's indomitable, never-give-up spirit. And, on a touching note, while many have written a message to their younger self, this song was an uncannily prophetic message to Avril's future self. Recently, Avril shared the darkest moment of her battle with Lyme disease: "One night, I thought I was dying, and I had accepted that I was going to die." The lyrics to "Keep Holding On" proclaim: "When it gets cold/And it feels like the end/There's no place to go/You know I won't give in."

Avril didn't give in. That dark moment prompted her current single, "Head Above Water," which looks to be the beautiful opening of a powerful new chapter in the artist's long career.

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