Alessia Cara Takes a DIY Approach On Her Sophomore Album

This go-round, Alessia wrote EVERY SONG herself!

June 26, 2018

Alessia Cara is an old soul; from the way she conducts herself during an interview, to the music she creates. Don't believe me? Within the first MINUTE of our interview, Alessia is talking to me about how the thought of growing old, and eventually dying, looms over her. Pretty heavy stuff for someone who's about to turn 22. But it's that maturity... that awareness... that makes Alessia such a spectacular artist at such a young age. 

Just a sweet, talented human being. Can’t wait for you to see this interview.

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Her sophomore album The Pains of Growing will be out sometime in September, and this go-round, Alessia wrote EVERY SONG herself. If "Growing Pains," the lead single off 'AC2', is a taste of things to come, this second album just may blow the first one out of the water.


Alessia told me how she dug deeper for the album... nothing was off limits. For Know It All, her debut album, there were topics she strayed away from because of insecurities or topics being too taboo. Not this time. Alessia is an open book. Literally. A good chunk of the lyrics from The Pains of Growing come directly from her diary. Doesn't get much more real and raw than that. 

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During our interview, Alessia talks about collaborating with her brother for the first time, what will happen to the songs that don't make the cut for The Pains of Growing, and the one thing she would change on her debut album if she could.

Before Alessia went on her way, I had to play 'famous4heads' with her. She did... eh, okay I'd say. But the highlight? Her thinking Demi Lovato was Pauly D! In her defense, the way I cropped Demi's forehead... it DID look pretty spikey. Alessia's reaction when I told her it was Demi? Priceless.