Ellie Goulding Chose NYC To Decompress, Now She's Got New Music and a Diamond Ring

"I never imagined myself here in a million years"

November 6, 2018

Pop music royalty Ellie Goulding is giving us an inside look at her comeback, dishing on everything from what she did during her break to when her new album is coming out.

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During a recent trip to New York City, Ellie dropped by the NEW 102.7 studios to sit down with morning personality Karen Carson to dish on her brand new single “Close To Me.”

Goulding enlisted the help of EDM mastermind Diplo (Major Lazer, LSD) and Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee for her first stab at new music in three years.

"This song I started as an experiment, as I do with most songs I write, and then I played it to my people. They loved it and thought that it was different -- still a pop record but sounded a bit special and sounding kind of fresh," Ellie tells NEW 102.7. "And then I got Diplo involved and he just kind of completed it and made it sound the way I really wanted it to sound. Swae Lee was kind of a late-addition. Not the most exciting story in the world," Ellie laughs. "But it just had something about it that I wanted to be the first thing people hear when I come back."

Over the years, Ellie has given us achingly beautiful love songs as well as tracks we can get up and dance to -- all the while staying true to her unique sound. Goulding says she feels like that gives her the luxury to release what she wants, when she wants. "I love making pop records," she admits, "but I also can see myself releasing a folk record, or I do classical music on the side and I sing operatically. I just feel like I could probably release anything and get away with it."

Joe Cingrana/Entercom

Following the success of her third album, 2015's Delirium, and her first GRAMMY nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance for the single "Love Me like You Do," Ellie decided to kick back and take a break -- and she chose none other than NYC as her home base. She explaind that she was coming off of a very hectic time in her life and with no pending album or touring schedules, she simply needed to set aside some time for herself.

"It was very different for me to suddenly have all this time and space, so I got to come over to New York, hang out with my now fiance -- he works here so now I've been living here. But when I first came here it was lonely. It was a lonely place for me, I didn't have any friends here, so it gave me plenty to write about."

"I never imagined myself here in a million years. I used to come here to do promo and things and I just remember always wanting to leave immediately because I just found the city so overwhelming. But now I'm here I feel like I've absorbed it and I can take it on a bit stronger. You kind of have to be strong to live here."

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