(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)

Which Harry Styles Tour Outfit Is 'Suited' To Win Fan-Made Tournament?

July 20, 2018

By Lauren Marques

After fans were welcomed to the final show of Harry Styles’ worldwide solo tour on July 17th, they watched as Harry said "goodbye for now" on his social media platforms. Without daily updates on Harry’s tour antics and fashion choices, what were fans supposed to do?

Start a bracket ranking Harry’s best suits from the tour, obviously.

Harry wore a different suit every night of the tour made from brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, and more. Fans that attended his shows waited in anticipation for him to step onstage to see which suit would be revealed -- but which one is the best? Twitter user @hsfasharhive decided to make an online tournament bracket which featured ALL 60 of Harry’s suits and allowed fans to vote on their favorite looks from the tour.

Fans had to make tough decisions -- tassels vs embroidery, bell bottom pants vs a kilt -- which has brought us to the semi-finals of the tournament.

So far, approximately 157,000 votes were accumulated to choose which one of Harry’s looks best "suits" the champion title. The semifinals include two match-ups that will lead us to the finals taking place tomorrow (7/21).

Which do you prefer -- Harry’s flowy Harris Reed suit from his show in Amsterdam or the tassel-covered Gucci suit he wore in Mexico City? If you prefer a more daring look, would you choose the velvet pink and gold Gucci suit from his first show in London, or the kilt and Gucci loafers he wore in Glasgow?

If you want your voice to be heard, vote on the website now to be a part of choosing the suit to represent the iconic era of Harry Styles: Live on Tour 2018.