Remembering Holidays Past: NYC Sights and Smells Bring Back ALL the Holiday Feels

November 29, 2018

Xtine (NEW 102.7)


The Rock Center tree just had its big moment. It’s all lit up and looking gorgeous. That tree was a big part of my Holiday traditions growing up on Long Island. There are 3 December birthdays in my family. My Mom & brother December 7th & 9th and mine on Christmas Day. Every year we would stay in the city for a few days to celebrate our birthdays and do all the holiday stuff. Visiting the tree, skating on the Rock Center Rink, walking the window displays and of course seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I thought it was all so magical. 

Xtine (NEW 102.7)

It never once crossed my mind how lucky I was that even though it was probably tough on my parents with 2 kids, NYC crowds, and the cost they did it anyway. While it’s happening you have no idea how it’s impacting your life but now those memories mean everything to me. 

The older I get I don’t see the rest of my family as often and with my Mom gone ​the holidays just aren’t the same. But somedays, I’ll get a whiff of the carts selling nuts or walk by the Tree and the memories come flooding back. I’m with my family again and for a moment I’m that little girl filled with wonder looking at a magical NYC. I live for those days.