Wonho Returns and Reveals Why the Fans Are So Important: 'We Are Forever Connected'

The K-pop singer's solo debut is finally here

August 14, 2020

Ten months after leaving the K-pop group Monsta X, Wonho is ready to debut his solo work.

After teasing a new song and video earlier this week, the moment has finally arrived as Wonho has dropped his new song “Losing You” along with a music video.

“Losing You” comes as part of his debut solo mini album called Love Synonym #1: Right for Me.

In an interview with RADIO.COM, Wonho gave us an insight into what fans can expect on his upcoming record.

“They can expect many things that matter to me,” he said. “Open emotions, feeling, dancing, both languages Korean and English and basically many colors of me.”

One of the main things Wonho holds close to his heart is his fanbase. With the release of “Losing You,” he aims to show them they are priority number one.

“I want to show them how much I care about them more than anything. That we are forever connected and that we are one,” he said.

After departing Monsta X in 2019 amidst controversy, Wonho’s solo debut has been highly anticipated. With Love Synonym #1: Right for Me due out on September 4, the singer wants to leave fans with a clear message now that his first song it’s out.

“When it’s dark and you can’t see there is light waiting for them, just keep walking.”

The “Losing You” singer also discussed the name for his fan group. “My fandom name is WENEE,” he says. WENEE is “shortened from We are new ending to We need.”

Despite members of his team pushing for other names, Wonho was adamant about WENEE.

“Although other staff members pushed for other pretty names, I strongly suggested going to 'WENEE.' I'm very excited about it!”

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