What Is OnlyFans? Explaining the Site Name-Dropped by Beyoncé

The 'Savage' Remix takes it to another level

April 30, 2020

As we very excitedly reported to you yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion joined forces with Beyoncé to bless us with the official remix for "Savage." It’s safe to say that we’re completely obsessed and have had the song on repeat since. With that said, one lyric in particular continued to stand out and were not the only ones to think so.

The updated TikTok hit features not just one, but three verses from Beyoncé. But the most-talked about lyrics came in the second verse, with Bey referencing that she might join the popular membership platform, OnlyFans. “Hips TikTok when I dance/On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans (OnlyFans).”

For those who don’t know, let us enlighten you. OnlyFans was launched in 2016 as a place where users can pay a subscription fee for photos and videos. While initially pitched as marketing tool for YouTube influencers and celebrities, it’s become known as a spot for adult amateur content.

It didn’t take long for OnlyFans to respond to the "Savage" Remix, hours after the song was released they acknowledged the name-drop with a statement to Rolling Stone: "Beyoncé, and any artist, are welcome to join OnlyFans at any time to foster a deeper connection with their fans.”

It’s no surprise that the demand for video content has risen from self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes adult entertainment. According to the company, OnlyFans has received over 3.7 million new registrations from content creators and fans since March 1st and a 75% increase in sign-ups.

The site is in no way exclusively used for adult images and videos, with fitness bloggers and other internet personalities using it as a way to reach fans, but like anything on the internet, if there's a way to make it sexual the world will figure it out.

With so much of the economy in lockdown, many have joined OnlyFans as another revenue stream - not only collecting monthly subscription fees but also money from pay-per-view messages. It's part of why OnlyFans has grown so much over the past few months.

Now that Bey has divulged herself as an (only)fan, its safe to presume a rise in new users is on the horizon.

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