BTS and Conan Gray Spark Collaboration Rumors on Twitter

'Let's make a song together.'

May 12, 2020

It looks like a collaboration between K-pop sensations BTS and American songwriter Conan Gray may be on the way. The news comes thanks to a Twitter exchange between Gray and BTS member V, both of whom shared their mutual appreciation.

Gray rose to fame while opening for Panic! At The Disco on their ‘Pray For The Wicked’ 2019 tour and his debut album, Kid Crow, just arrived in March ahead of a now shuttered 2020 tour.

RADIO.COM had a chance to speak with him just before the release, and Gray says “I think my biggest takeaway from [the Panic! tour] is he’s just such a professional. He works so hard all the time and just doesn’t complain – and I’m like, ‘Conan shut up. Shut up and work hard.’”

Over the weekend Gray did indeed get to work, retweeting a video from a fan account of member V listening to his track "The Other Side" commenting, "I love you :,))) @BTS_twt." V himself eventually replied from the boy band’s official account saying, "Let's make a song together."

Gray followed up with, "I would love to... I adore y'all !!"

And there you have it. History in the making, folks. Expect more conversations like this in the future, since Gray and BTS have now started following each other on the platform.

Let’s all hope this comes together sooner rather than later, as BTS revealed last month that they've already started work on a follow-up to their 2020 hit album Map of the Soul: 7 and some live stream ideas now that their 2020 tour plans have also been put on hold.

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