Beyoncé Looks Exactly Like Her Mom in Throwback Baby Picture

This side by side might have you look twice

May 27, 2020

Right about now we’ll take any content that comes our way, but we get especially hype when unexpected Beyoncé content pops up, giving us everything we never knew we needed.

On Sunday, Tina Knowles Lawson took a trip down memory lane and thankfully decided to take us with her. Posting a side by side image of herself and Bey as toddlers on Instagram. Look, obviously we know they’re mother and daughter, but the resemblance is kind of remarkable. See for yourself.

In the sweet throwback post, both mother and ultra-famous daughter are wearing matching frilly white dresses and bonnets. With a caption that couldn’t be more ‘Mom,' "Who is Who? Me and Bey as bonnet babies, I should have turned hers black and white! But don’t know how.”

While the post has them side by side, this amazing mother-daughter duo have been separately quarantined but teamed up to do their part and support coronavirus mobile testing relief in Bey’s hometown of Houston thanks to her BEYGOOD initiative and Lawson's #IDidMyPart campaign.

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