The Best Video of a Parrot Singing Beyoncé You Will See All Day

Say 'Halo' to Chico...

September 1, 2020

Meet Chico, a nine-year-old Yellow-crowned Amazon parrot who can regularly be seen showing off his pipes at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in Boston, England.

Ever since his arrival at the sanctuary about a year and a half ago, he's been thrilling visitors with his top-notch vocal skills, impersonating songs from Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and more.

Here he is below rocking to Queen Bey's "If I Were A Boy."

"People can't get enough of him, there's always a line of people waiting to see him - it's like he's an actual pop star at times," park visitor Graham Gardner told Fox News. "He'll just break into song randomly and it leaves people in hysterics.”

"He's actually got a very good voice," Gardner said. "Maybe Simon Cowell might get in touch, you never know."

This species of bird native to South America is known to live to the ripe old age of 100 and can perfectly mimic human speech. Well, almost perfect. This is Beyoncé we're talking about.

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