What Are The 5 Best Selena Gomez Songs Of All Time!?

January 23, 2018

2017 might have been Selena Gomez's biggest year of her music career so far. In my opinion, she really found her sound and stepped outside of her comfort zone. She produced songs like "It Ain't Me", "Bad Liar" (co-written by Selena's longtime friend Julia Michaels) and "Wolves." https://twitter.com/MikeAdamOnAir/status/944051140576104448

Last year Selena also had a TV performance that was highly talked about... her AMAs performance. The stage visuals were spectacular, and it seemed as though she almost 'got in character' for the show. She didn't speak to many people backstage and never cracked a smile. Was this a taste of a new, more 'artsy' Selena? Only time will tell, but last year set up SG pretty nicely for a killer 2018. So I figured, what better time to list Ms. Gomez's best songs of all time than now!? A lot of the top five songs I mention are from last year, but there are a couple surprises. Watch the full vid below... and let me know your thoughts. You agree? What would YOUR list look like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-wINBFgipE&t=22s&w=550

I also touch on why Selena shouldn't be compared to artists like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato at the beginning of the POP-A-Squat episode. People CONSTANTLY compared Britney Spears To Xtina... but those two are two very different artists, and different doesn't mean any less great. Both Brit and Christina have gone down as two of the best pop artists of my generation... and I think the same can be applied to all the Selena Gomez comparisons, especially with fellow ex-acts.   --Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7