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Learn the 'Naked' Truth About James Arthur

December 14, 2017

James Arthur has a lot to be grateful for right now. His single "Naked," which he worked on with super-producer Max Martin, is doing extremely well with sales, streams, and spins... he's in a healthy place both mentally and physically...  AND he gets to go home for some downtime over the holidays.

When he swung by the radio station to chat, we touch on the new song of course, as well as his relationship with fellow artists like Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran. He explained to me how that wonderful James / Camila BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards duet came about, and how the two initially first met. As far as Ed, James explained to me what it was like to hear "Divide" before anyone else... and who HE confides in when it comes to his own music that hasn't been released yet.

James Arthur at Fresh 102.7 (Fresh 102.7/WNEW)


When James and I were talking about what songs and artists he's really into right now, it was just a whole lot of Post Malone. BUT, during that conversation, James let it slip out that he was supposed to link up with another super-producer Marshmello (who you know from "Wolves" with Selena Gomez and "Silence" with Khalid) here in NYC for a collaboration... it fell through, but the two are still in touch, and planned on working together.

James has had his battles with anxiety, addiction, and record-label-woes... just to name a few. But from our get together, he seems like he's lept over those hurdles and is excited for what the future holds... and if "Naked" is a taste of what's to come in 2018, James has the world at his fingertips. Watch James perform a stripped down version of his new single "Naked" below. [anvplayer video="3777110" station="CBS New York"]     --Mike Adam/Fresh 102.7